Award – Prize urbanism project in an architectural competition

Uherské Hradiště city
Uherské Hradiště
Ing.arch Lucie Černá, Ing.arch Luděk Černý, Ing.arch. Barbora Drahorádová
In cooperation with:
Ing. arch. Jan Malinovský, Ing. arch. Michala Selingerová, Ing. Jan Kapitán

This area is a significant place with urban ties not only to the adjacent residential areas but also to the wider area. We perceive it as one of the centres of city life, as well as the gate to the entire housing area. The history of the place and the overall connection to a strong tradition and regionality, which may not be obvious at first glance in a uniform housing estate, is also important. There are important pedestrian routes, good greenery, and city-wide buildings of public amenities in the close vicinity of the building.

Now, the place has a character of a purpose-built space only fulfilling elemental needs without higher quality or further overlap.

Our concept intends to use the potential of the place, follow in its history and involve it more as a multifunctional living space, as well as to reconstruct it symbolically as the gateway to the territory. The aim is a new built-up area sensitively set in the place and a consistent work with the parterre. We work with space in the residential area in the housing estate where the residential function will always be primary and physically dominant due to the building solution. We suggest creating timeless environs for a happy life of the local inhabitants and opportunities for further meetings and social integrity of this area, all with modest means.