New-build residential building - family house

Újezdec u Luhačovic
1000 m3
Ing.arch Lucie Černá, Ing.arch Luděk Černý
In cooperation with:
Ing.arch. Vojtěch Hajný
Jiří Ernest

It is a two-storey building with cellar, covered by a flat roof, on a slope. The house responds to the surrounding landscape and sloping terrain. The total built-up area is 152 m2. The floor plan of the building is in the shape of a rectangle. It is a detached house on the street front.

The house is minimalistic and functional. It is a composition of three materials; the solution is based on the possibilities of the estate and the configuration of the terrain. The main mass “floats” over the estate, offers a sufficient view from the rooms, that are oriented to the southeast, and from the study room on the very top of the building. The lower mass statically supports the main one, it is the main social section, freely connected to the garden, with a passage from all sides.

From the construction point of view, the building is designed as a brick wall house in the 1st floor and 2nd floor, in combination with the monolithic wall in the 1st floor with horizontal constructions also made of reinforced concrete.

The materials used are a simple white plastering contrasting with the anthracite aluminium window frames, the plastering in the anthracite shade is used for the garage. The lower part has a wooden cladding of laths, the background mass has a recognized surface from concrete blocks.