Administrative building, company headquarters interior design

Uherský Brod
Ing.arch. Lucie Černá, Ing.arch Luděk Černý
Jiří Ernest

Reconstruction of an administrative building is located in the town of Uherský Brod, in the wider town centre.

It is the original office building from around the year 1983 (date of the project). It is a three-storey building with a flat roof. We dealt with the design of the building façade, layout and interior design.

The original skeleton system allowed us an open layout tailored to the client’s requirements. We get to the administrative part of the building through a representative and clearly defined entrance. The routes are as clear as possible we used transparent glazed partitions that lighten all places in the building. Individual offices are divided and furnished with made-to-measure furniture. The offices are closed by a multifunctional meeting room with a direct connection to the director’s office. The colours are timeless, which is accented by the company’s blue colour.

We cleaned the façade architecturally, modified the division of the windows. We accented the inlet tube. Again, it is highlighted in blue. Measurement elements are used on the façade, following the company’s orientation. The surroundings of the building were complemented with a parking space.