New-build residential building - family house

Ing.arch. Lucie Černá, Ing.arch Luděk Černý
In cooperation with:
Ondřej Žampach, Stanislav Žampach
Jiří Ernest

The end of living in a city flat, returning to the roots, a beautiful plot at the end of the native village and the increasing number of offspring – all this lead a family of three back then to decide to build a family house.

A building that expresses the modern attitudes and design profession of the owner, while automatically becoming a natural part of the traditional village.

The rotation of the individual materials of the building responds to the irregular shape of the estate, its orientation to the cardinal points and the position of neighbouring buildings. Moreover, it was necessary to consider the location of the entrance to the double garage and especially the views. Thus, the cuboid on the ground floor separates the heated double garage from the one side of the classic building, and private wing of the main bedroom with a view to the distant hills from the second side. With its roof, it also creates a terrace with the same view for the upper rooms.

Central social space of atypical floor plan, which is oriented to the east and the west, and it is possible to go out onto the terrace and the garden, was created in the intersection point of the village house with the geometry of the cuboid.