Project of the new-built multifunctional centre

Uherský Brod
20 700m2
Ing.arch. Lucie Černá, Ing.arch Luděk Černý
In cooperation with:
Ing.arch. Vojtěch Hajný

A place near the southern edge of Uherský Brod, in the environment of a residential housing estate, was chosen for the location of the new building of the Multifunctional centre in Uherský Brod.

The priority of the project was the largest urban integration of the multifunctional centre in the given context.

Connecting the new multifunctional centre, as well as with the natural landscape with the city is the crucial aspect for our design; this symbiosis will then provide new opportunities for the inhabitants on the outskirts of the city. The possibility to be in active contact with the environs meet and create or maintain neighbour relations which should be supported by the resulting architecture. The house is open to the city – by glazing the façade in the parterre, the solution of paved areas and the functional content of the ground floor. The building aims to provide functionality for seniors, as well as for staff, visitors and other people living in the neighbourhood inside and outside the house.

The urban integration of the designed house to the neighbourhood is intended already in the fundamental concept of the ground plan form, into which two outdoor spaces enter:

The entrance public space is open to the city; a classic city street with services that can be used by the wide area around the house is created. The entrance area also includes a universal paved area which is used for the occasional arrival of e. g., the ambulance. 

Two serene semi-public gardens open to nature are designed towards the landscape.